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Monroy ATD300

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  • Traffic-Watch+ provides continuous traffic awareness.

    The ATD-300 detects all transponder type replies from nearby traffic and display their range, direction (with opt. ANT-300 antenna) and altitude on a bright digital LED display or on an external display such as the G530/G430. Simultaneously, a clear female voice prompts you with VOICE ALERTS in relation to traffic proximity. Traffic detection is direct plane to plane with no need for an ADS-B/UAT ground station. Traffic-Watch+ also checks your transponder operation and bus voltage. All of these in a compact unit the size of cigarette pack.

    With the Plug & Fly kit (included) you just plug the ATD-300 into the cigarette lighter (for power) and the aircraft headphone jack (for voice) and you are ready to fly. No panel space or installation is required. Or if you prefer the ATD-300 can be easily panel mounted in your aircraft. Kit included.

    The ATD-300 Traffic-Watch+ is a passive TAS receiver capable of detecting transponder replies directly from nearby aircraft. No need to be in the proximity of ADS-B ground stations. It works anywhere in the world from the ground up. The LED display viewable in direct sunlight shows the closest threat to you, perfect for those with no traffic display. The ATD-300 feature a pilot selectable warning envelope (NEAR/FAR) tailored for approach and en-route. The ATD-300 receiver/indicator is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure.

    When there is no traffic activity the ATD-300 will automatically indicate the host transponder MSL pressure altitude or squawk code. Audio output is provided for your audio panel or headsets. The ATD-300 also features a built-in aural/visual voltage warning that lets you know if the aircraft bus voltage is out of range.

    Thanks to its compact size the ATD-300 can be located anywhere in the panel. Connect to the audio panel and the navigator display for total traffic awareness. Mounting brackets and connectors are provided with the unit.

    An ARINC 429 interface option for remote displays such as the G530W navigator is also available.

      In the box:
    • ATD-300 Unit
    • Cigarette lighter Power Cord
    • Portable Antenna
    • Headphone Cable
    • Panel mounting brackets
    • Power Connector
    • Portable Antenna
    • Audio/Data connector
    • BNC Antenna Connector
    • Panel cut-out template
    • Installation Manual

      Monroy ATD300 Specifications
    • Frequency: 1090MHz
    • Transponder Types: Mode A/C/S ADS-B
    • Decoding Altitude Range: -1200 to 30,700 feet
    • Max. Range: 5.9nm
    • Antenna Type: TXPR type or ANT-300
    • Antenna Connector: Single BNC
    • Audio Output Impedance: 8 to 300 Ohms
    • Traffic Data Output: ARINC 429/735A Opt.
    • Operating Voltage: 14/28VDC 0.2/0.1 amp
    • Operating Temperature: -20 deg C to +55 deg C
    • Unit Weight : 10 Ounces
    • Unit Dimensions in Inches: 2.75 W x 0.75H x 5.0L
    • ANT-300 Dimensions: 1.0W x 3.0H x 5.0L
    • Approval: FAA-PMA STC DO-160D