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Voyager High Power GPU 28v/10Ah Orange

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  • Voyager is portable and stowable power source designed to start aircraft engines. Use the Voyager to start a helicopter wherever and whenever. Or, use it whenever the aircraft is on the ground with static rotors to power on-board equipment.

    Voyager technology was developed and deployed for the US Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. This technology is now available to the commercial aviation market, Avion Power with its Voyager product, is at the front line to bring you the latest in a safe, compact and light weight state of the art power source.
    The Voyager is available in two capacities; 28V/20Ah and 28V/10Ah options, the latter weighs only 9lbs! Either unit can be used as an Auxiliary Power Unit or Ground Power Unit (GPU) for any aircraft with a NATO power receptacle (rotary or fixed wing).

    • Light-weight, portable, stowable, dependable, safe
    • No heavy and cumbersome power chord is required, making storage in the aircraft minimal and maintenance access on the ground unencumbered.
    • Ten or more turbine starts per charge
    • Only 60 minutes for a full recharge using the base charger, Can also be charged with the "in flight" charger but will take longer.
    • Abundant auxiliary power for maintenance, avionics, on-board medical equipment, and other accessories
    • Minimal self-discharge (3% per month)
    • Long life (2000 cycles or more)

    • Benefits
    • Start capabilities in any location
    • More auxiliary power to run electronics in any location
    • Longer life of on-board, lead-acid batteries
    • Less stress on turbine, starter, digital engine controls, and avionics
    • Cooler, faster turbine starts
    • Decreased risk of hot-starts
    • Simplified, more efficient maintenance operations

    Avion Power recommends using Voyager during normal flight operations, emergency self-rescue, and maintenance activities.

    Normal flight operations are improved when pilots use Voyager for routine flights. Voyager's 20kW of cranking power yields faster, cooler turbine starts. Hot-start risk is decreased, there's less stress on the starter, and lead-acid battery life is extended. Voyager's 20Ah capacity enables more than 10 turbine starts per charge or it can power a full load of on-board electronics.

    Emergency self-rescue is no longer an emergency when pilots have a Voyager on-board. Prepared pilots will retrieve their stowed Voyager, follow their normal start procedures, and take-off in minutes.

    Maintenance activities that require an auxiliary power source are simplified and more efficient when technicians enjoy the autonomy and freedom of movement afforded by a Voyager.

    Nominal voltage26V
    Capacity rating10Ah
    Continuous current200A
    IPP / IPR (14V and 25oC)800A / 600A
    Cranking power16kW
    Operating temperatures-20oC to 60oC
    Storage temperatures-40oC to 60oC
    Water resistantYes
    Length, width, height14.3" x 6.2" x 4.6"
    Weight9 lbs

      In the Box
    • Voyager High Power GPU
    • Mains Charger with 3 pin UK Plug