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Phonak Freecom 7100 Headset - Twin Plugs

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  • This state of the art boom microphone headset features dynamic level sound dampening, adjustable ambient sound awareness excellent speech intelligiibility and crystal clear voice transmission.

    This feature allows you to hear sounds in the cockpit without having to remove the headset from your ears. As a result you remain connected to the radio and intercom system. The FreeCom 7100 suits any flying Situation (quiet or loud) in which natural hearing is required.
    No covering of the ear, pressure or sweating
    Professional hearing protection
    Crystal-clear voice transmission
    Adjustable ambient sound awareness
    Intercom volume control

    Twin connector : PJ055/PJ068

    The headset includes generic ear shells. Optional custom made ear shells can be produced. These take 5 weeks to produce once we have the ear imprints.

    • See your local audiologist for foam imprints.
    • Send the imprints back to Transair with the coupon and box provided.
    • Please allow a 5 week lead time.

    Download User guide.

    Since 1992 Phonak Communications has helped professionals to communicate effectively in challenging environments. Thanks to our working closely with end users to develop solutions that perfectly meet their needs, our miniaturized wireless earpieces, headsets and professional hearing protection devices are used and trusted by demanding customers around the world.

      The main differences compared to the FreeCom 7000 are
    • Intercom volume can be adjusted directly at the headset (with the volume buttons +/- on the side of the control box)
    • A short press on the big PTT button on the control box allows to switch between active and passive hearing (protection) mode
    • A long press on the big PTT button allows you to adjust the ambient volume as well (through the volume buttons +/- on the side of the control box). You hear then a beep indicating that you are changing the mode (from intercom volume to ambient volume). After three seconds without pressing anything you hear the beep again to mark that you are back in the intercom mode.