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Oxford Aviation PPL Disk 3 - Navigation & Radio Aids

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  • Our Navigation course aims to teach you every element of the theory underlying flight planning and the art of single-pilot navigation.

    This excellent new Ground Study training course has been created in partnership with Oxford Aviation and Transair Pilot Shop. It is a classroom quality, interactive, multi-media training solution, which is designed to radically improve standard teaching methods by using brilliant 2D & 3D graphics, animations and photographs with written and spoken instruction. All subjects are taught using the latest computer based training technology (CBT) enabling you to learn more effective and enjoyable than ever before. The depth and scope of all subjects covered meet the syllabus requirements of the JAR-FCL PPL and the NPPL. The CBT is graphically rich, comprising countless full colour photos and diagrams. There are also numerous animations which aim to teach you the more difficult concepts. All lessons are accompanied by a full audio teach and all chapters have multiple choice, self-assessment questions which allow you to check your progress through the course and to make your own judgement on your readiness to sit the actual examination. In following this JAA PPL CBT theoretical knowledge course, you will benefit from Oxford Aviation Trainings unsurpassed teaching expertise and from the Schools considerable experience of having successfully prepared thousands of students for JAA theory examinations.

    The private pilot invariably operates as the pilot in command of a single-pilot aircraft. So, in actual fact, he is not only a pilot but a navigator, too. It is essential, therefore, especially during cross-country flights, that the pilot should be able to apply all the correct practices to his navigational task, in a timely manner, without being distracted from flying accurate headings, airspeeds and altitudes. Developing this skill is the very essence of singlepilot navigation. The foundation on which this skill resides is meticulous flight planning. It is the aim of this interactive, multimedia Computer Based Training course to teach you every element of the theory underlying flight planning and the art of single-pilot navigation (and to prepare you for the PPL ground examinations) more quickly, effectively and enjoyably than ever before. In order specifically to meet the JAR-FCL PPL theoretical knowledge requirements, this CBT also includes basic theory instruction in Radio-Navigation Aids. NB: in order to be fully prepared for the JAA PPL examinations in General Navigation you will need to know how to use a navigation computer. The instrument most commonly used for PPL studies in the United Kingdom is the CRP-1. Oxford Aviation Training produces a separate instructional CD-ROM for the navigation computer. Further details are available on this disk.

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    • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Link to Patch
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