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Harrier Jump Jet For FSX

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  • Harrier Jump Jet offers the total VSTOL experience for Flight Simulator X with stunning liveries and the most accurate and detailed model ever!

    A unique flight model has been developed for this aircraft which allows highly realistic simulation of the vertical takeoff and landing VTOL characteristics of the Harrier. Even the famous "airshow bow" can be replicated in Flight Sim X! Like the real Harrier, an "autoSTOL" lever has been added. It pre-sets the nozzles to a predetermined angle for an automatic selection of different settings: VTOL, VSTOL STOL and conventional takeoff and landing. No longer do the pilots have to select a setting for the nozzles (although they can if they wish). This brings incredible maneuverability, just like the real thing! Harrier Jump Jet includes fully detailed, accurate exteriors depicting the famous GR3 (RAF) and FRS1 (RN) from the Falklands War period with detailed animations including retracting eyelids over the glass radar nose (GR3), jet nozzles, flaps and all flight control surfaces and landing gear. Selectable load-outs for weapons and external tankage, re-fuelling probes and animated pilot in fully detailed ejection seat.

    Full ground set including chocks, flight flags and engine intake covers. Fully modeled, switchable ground power unit trailer Accurate weathered texture sets depicting various frontline and training units of the RAF and Royal Navy, low and high-vis schemes used in the Falklands War. VTOL, STOL and conventional flights can be carried out with complete authenticity thanks to brand new programming technology replicating the exact auto nozzle/flap settings. Fully featured Virtual Cockpit with illuminated HUD and 3D gauges including engine set and tank selectors, navigation gauges, radios and weapons loadouts. Fuel dump function is also included. Many detailed animations and a full set of functional switches and knobs. Just about everything in the Harrier cockpit is switchable and all controls are accurately reproduced for an immersive experience!