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Aviation Exam ATPL Aviation Law Question Book - Edition 2014

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  • Aviation Exam ATPL Aviation Law Question Book contains the actual JAA CQB (version 15) questions, along with the correct answers and explanations covering the JAA questions from the subject 010 - Aviation Law.

    Questions for all competencies are covered by this book - ATPL, CPL and IR, both for Airplane and Helicopter exams. Every question in the book is clearly marked, whether it relates to ATPL, CPL or IR, Airplane or Helicopter. Readers can thus focus only on the questions relevant to their specific exam and skip the rest.
    • 1.455 actual JAA / EASA - FCL questions
    • Explanations for 1.450 actual JAA questions
    • Covers both Airplane & Helicopter exams (ATPL, CPL & IR)
    • Includes a complimentary 7-day Online/PC software license
    • Picture supplements included

    Aviation Exam ATPL Aviation Law contains a total of approximately 1.455 actual JAA questions along with all possible answers and a designation of the correct answer. Most of the 1450 questions in this book features a brief explanation (many explanations are supplemented by illustrations) written by the staff of our experienced airline pilots and flight instructors. Some of the questions require the use of a picture supplement - all of the actual JAA picture supplements are of course contained in this book. These question books are an ideal tool for students preparing for their JAA ATPL, CPL or IR exams (both Airplane and Helicopter) and prefer to study the actual questions the traditional way - using a book.

    • Explanations for most of the JAA questions are provided, many with illustrations.
    • Brief explanations are provided for most of the JAA question in this book, many of them supplemented with illustrations.
    • Total of approximately 1.455 actual JAA questions.
    • The largest compilation of the actual JAA CQB questions from this subject available in a comprehensive book format.
    • Reflects the latest JAA CQB (ver. 15) used in 2011 / 2012.
    • The JAA questions contained in this book reflect the latest JAA CQB (Central Question Bank) - version 15, used by the CAAs in 2011 / 2012.
    • All exam picture supplements provided where applicable.
    • Some questions require a picture supplement to be used - all of the required actual JAA exam picture supplements are included in this book.
    • ATPL, CPL and IR questions for AIRPLANES and HELICOPTERS are included.
    • Every question contained in this book is clearly marked if it relates to Airplanes or Helicopters and to which competency level - ATPL, CPL or IR. Readers of the book can thus simply identify the questions that are relevant to their specific exam needs and skip the rest of the questions - no wasting time on studying unnecessary material.
    • All questions sorted to JAR FCL (NPA25) categories.
    • Every JAA question contained in this book has been carefully sorted into its respective category according to the latest JAR-FCL and the JAA Learning Objectives. These categories fully comply with the latest version of the JAR FCL - NPA25 amendment (current version).
    • All questions in English language.
    • All of the JAA questions, answers and explanations in this book are in English language.
    • Complimentary 7-day
      Online / PC Software license.

    Aviation Exam ATPL Aviation Law contains a free complimentary license for the ATPL subject "010 - Aviation Law" that can be activated by the reader at any time to gain full access to the online Test Prep system at Aviationexam.com as well as for the Test Prep PC Software. We recommend that you study the book first and then activate the license to run unlimited number of sample practice tests online to simulate the official JAA exam.