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DC Pro-XA XLR Noise Attenuating Headset

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  • David Clark Pro-XA XLR hybrid electronic noise cancelling aviaition headset.

    The XLR5 Connector works on: Airbus aircraft and some of the newer non twin plug Boeings.

    The Pro-X.

    Magnesium Alloy headband and suspension
    Forward-thinking, ergonomic design provides a lightweight yet rugged platform. Evenly distributes headset weight for added comfort and is fully adjustable for a personal fit.

    Adjustable suspension assembly
    Fully adjustable suspension assembly integrated with headband for personalised fit and comfort.

    Leatherette head pad
    Ultra soft leatherette head pad with breathable, vented design virtually eliminates 'hot spots' and keeps the top of your head cool during long flights.

    Swivel hinge stirrups
    Disperse clamping pressure for secure yet comfortable fit and allow headets to conform to the sides of the head.

    Leatherette ear seals
    Plush, dura stitched leatherette ear seals with slow recovery 'memory' foam fits comfortable on your ear. Round supra-aural (rest on ear) design reduces heat build up to keep ears cool, even during longer flights.

    Hybrid ENC Technology
    Provides best in class active noise reduction with leading edge 'feed foward' and 'feed back' technology. External microphone on the dome picks up noise from the outside, before reaching the ear canal for superior noise attenuation.

    Dual voice coil drivers
    Provide fail safe operation to ensure full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure.

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology
    Ensures high fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening.

    M-55 Electret Microphone
    Offers enhanced noise reduction for crystal clear transmission. Full flex boom for precise microphone placement.

    Bluetooth wireless technology
    Affords seamless integration for connecting to cell phones, MP3, Tablets or other personal electronic devices.

    Collapsible Design
    Smart headset design collapses for compact storage in David Clark headset bag.

    Headset bag
    The DC PRO-X comes in a rugged nylon, david clark company branded headset bag with shoulder strap.

    Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling features two microphones - one located on the exterior of the ear dome and isloated from the speaker (feed-forward) and a second internal microphone placed near the speaker (Feed-back). The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear canal. Working in concert with the internal microphone, the signals are them inverted to produce a reverse 'anti-noise' signal, resulting in unsurpassed active noise reduction performance.

  • Internal microphone signal provides feed back noise reduction.
  • External microphone signal provides feed forward noise reduction.
  • Peak Attenuation, 30dB @150hz.
  • ENC attenuation range, 20HZ-1Hz.
  • Up to 50 hour battery life (2 x AA batteries).
  • Dual voice coil transducer for fail Safe Operation.
  • Digital signal Processor (DSP) provides clear communication and high fidelity audio.

    • Cable XLR Plug
    • Five year warranty.
    • TSO-C139 Aprroved.