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Transair 2018 UK, Ireland & Benelux 1:1 000 000 VFR chart

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  • This fully revised and updated chart is now in its 7th year of production and better than ever! Produced to a scale of 1:1 000 000 it covers the whole of the UK, Ireland, Benelux and Northern France. It is a practical, handy single chart for your flights

    Created in partnership between Transair and Air Million who combined have extensive knowledge of airspace and chart design. The Air Million range now also includes VFR charts for France, Germany, Spain, Austria & Switzerland

    Our UK and Ireland Chart now includes Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg (Benelux) coverage.

    Pilots will find this one seamless chart an outstanding tool for flight planning and being concertina folded is very easy to use in the cockpit

    Excellent legibility has been achieved through simplified terminology and airspace globalization. The laminated paper enables the user to mark a route and to remove it afterwards

      Features Include:

      • Double-sided for easy cockpit use
      • Clear graphical design
      • 550 airfield including licensed, unlicensed and military airfields
      • FIS frequencies are shown
      • Volmet frequencies
      • VORs Displayed
      • Approach, Tower and ATIS Frequencies
      • Fuel availability
      • Traffic Pattern in hundreds of feet
      • Danger areas
      • MATZ
      • Airspace from Class A to Class E up to FL105
      • United Kingdom: Airspace coverage from 500' to FL105
      • Ireland: Airspace coverage from 500' to FL75
      • Glider Sites signalled by new logo
      • Free fall sites signalled by a parachute
      • LARS frequency added
      • FIS/FIR easy to identify
      • All Airspaces from SFC to F105 included

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