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  • Mental Maths For Pilots

  • Code: 7047
  • It almost goes without saying that all pilots eventually need to perform some type of math calculation in their head while flying.

  • £17.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €20.51 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • IFR For VFR Pilots

  • Code: 7070
  • This book provides the bare-bones essentials of instrument flying technique and procedures so urgently needed in order to cope with and survive an inadvertent encounter with low-visibility IFR conditions.

  • £18.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €21.65 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Takeoffs & Landings

  • Code: 7061
  • In this timeless text, Leighton Collins provides expert, flight-tested techniques pilots need in these critical phases of flight, in every contingency of arrival and depature, VFR and IFR, single and twin or taildragger.

  • £12.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €14.81 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Flying The Mountains

  • Code: 6951
  • Fletcher Anderson. This training guide diminishes the dangers and doubles the thrill and safety of flying single-engine aircraft at high altitudes in mountainous regions.

  • £28.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €33.05 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Sunrise To Sunset - Night Flight Techniques

  • Code: 2028
  • Sunrise To Sunset will prepare you for the unique considerations involved with night operations with information and practical techniques to guide you in this most pleasant form of flight.

  • £16.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €19.37 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Fly The Wing

  • Code: 7074
  • Updated to include coverage of modern cockpit automation, Fly the Wing, Third Edition, provides pilots with valuable tools and proven techniques for all flight operations.

  • £30.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €35.33 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Flying The Edge

  • Code: 9462
  • Author - Capt. Brian McAllister. A technical and instructional reference book for all pilots, with a theme that concentrates on the aircrafts safe flight parameters.

  • £20.95 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €23.88 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Mountain Flying

  • Code: 9082
  • This book demonstrates that mountain flying can be fun and safe providing correct techniques and procedures are understood and followed.

  • £15.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €18.23 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Understanding Flying

  • Code: 8096
  • If you're really interested in finding your flying flaws, you will find answers to your problems in this book. A commonsense, practical approach to the basics of flying.

  • £21.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €25.07 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • The Art Of Flying

  • Code: 7066
  • Through the authors own experiences and with the latest industry research available he explains how best pilots take advantage of their abilities and "feel" for the airplane to plan shrewdly and fly with precision.

  • £20.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €23.93 (Non-VAT Item)
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