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  • Instant Weather Forecasting

  • Code: 9267
  • Instant Weather Forecasting is a photographic guide to weather forecasting from the clouds in the hours ahead. A feature is the authors prediction of time in relation to change.

  • £12.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €14.81 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Met For The PPL DVD

  • Code: 5921
  • This highly informative film has been produced to be an invaluable aid to anyone requiring an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of weather conditions and their development in the context of pilot understanding and training.

  • £28.33 EX VAT
    £33.99 INC VAT (@ 20%)
    EUR Price: €32.30 EX VAT
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  • Meteorology For Pilots Simplified

  • Code: 1017
  • Meteorology For Pilots Simplified by Captain John Swan is written in layman's terms for pilots whom want an easy to understand, and digestible guide into Meteorology.

  • £11.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €13.67 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Pilot's Weather by Brian Cosgrove

  • Code: 8661
  • Pilot's Weather by Brian Cosgrove is a common sense approach to met, this book is packed full of colour photos and illustrations to help you instantly recognise different types of pilot weather.

  • £24.00 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €27.36 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Flying The Weather Map

  • Code: 7081
  • Following an in-depth discussion of the logic of aviation weather and basic theory, Collins takes you along on 46 actual cross-country flights.

  • £18.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €21.65 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Severe Weather Flying

  • Code: 2022
  • Severe Weather Flying by Dennis Newton is one of the most practical books pilots can read on this subject, aimed at every grade of pilot from student through to the professional and instructors.

  • £18.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €21.65 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • ATC & Weather Mastering The System

  • Code: 9255
  • ATC & Weather Mastering The System emphasis is on judgment and the interface between pilot and environment, addressing both VFR and IFR situations from flight planning on through to arrival, approach, and landing.

  • £6.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €7.97 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Climatology for Airline Pilots

  • Code: 3111
  • Climatology for Airline Pilots by Roy Quantick an experienced aviation trainer, formerly from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, this text will help ATPL and CPL pilots to understand Climatology as a subject itself.

  • £74.95 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €85.44 (Non-VAT Item)
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