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  • AOPA JAR / FCL Commercial & Instrument

  • Code: 3896
  • This book will help you understand and prepare you for the changes that have come into force, helping you to obtain and retain your pilots license.

  • Transair Price: £16.95 (Non VAT Item)
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  • Radio Navigation For Pilots

  • Code: 9405
  • Radio Navigation For Pilots by Bramson & Birch is in its third edition this compressive manual combines the use of an explanatory text with Aerad charts, and a realistic and thoughtful representation of an instrument panel.

  • Transair Price: £20.95 (Non VAT Item)
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  • ASA Flying IFR Book

  • Code: 7050
  • In ASA's Flying IFR, author Richard Collins shares his experience in instrument flight, detailing the IFR system, equipment, and exploring the risks and rewards of instrument flying.

  • Transair Price: £13.49 (Non VAT Item)
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  • Instrument Flying by David Hoy

  • Code: 9171
  • Preparation for a pilot to pass (first time) the most demanding flight test in the world, the JAA Instrument Rating.

  • Transair Price: £20.00 (Non VAT Item)
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  • Instrument Flying Handbook

  • Code: 9031
  • The Instrument Flying Handbook is the primary FAA source for the Knowledge Exams that cover the IFR system as well as aerodynamics, flight instrumentation, attitude flying and navigation as they apply to the instrument pilot.

  • Transair Price: £15.49 (Non VAT Item)
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  • Instrument Procedures Handbook

  • Code: 8098
  • Instrument Procedures Handbook explains to instrument-rated pilots how best to use the system they've been trained for. The FAA's Instrument Procedures Handbook is a great resource for instrument-rated pilots!

  • Transair Price: £21.95 (Non VAT Item)
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  • The Complete Advanced Pilot

  • Code: 8090
  • The Complete advanced pilot comprehensively covers courses and training to prepare for both the Instrument rating and Commercial certificate FAA exams and checkrides.

  • Transair Price: £21.95 (Non VAT Item)
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