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  • Jimmy Stewart - Bomber Pilot

  • Code: 1196
  • At the height of his fame, Jimmy Stewart enlisted in the army, several months before the Pearl Harbour attacks woke Hollywood and the rest of the nation to the reality of war.

  • £11.95 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €13.62 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Chickenhawk

  • Code: 7483
  • Robert Mason. 'The best book to come out of Vietnam' As a child Robert Mason dreamed of levitation, as a young man he dreamed of flying helicopters and the US Army gave him his chance.

  • £8.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €10.25 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • The Killing Zone - How and why pilots die

  • Code: 6917
  • Author - Paul A. Craig
    Once the PPL has been completed pilots leave behind their instructor and enter (the killing Zone) which stretches ominously from 40 to 250 flight hours.

  • £25.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €29.63 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Spreading My Wings

  • Code: 8009
  • Brimming with adventure, anecdotes and famous names, this book is the story of a very special women who, now in her eighties continues to live life to the full from her home in Surrey.

  • £10.95 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €12.48 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Vulcan 607

  • Code: 1195
  • The last time the RAF flew heavy bombers into combat before they were replaced by their digital, fly-by-wire laser guided successors. There were many who believed it couldn't be done.

  • £10.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €12.53 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • The Trial Flight Guide

  • Code: 8772
  • Whether or not the trial lesson you have booked is a gift or you have decided to find out about flying for yourself, you will find that the experience will be greatly enhanced if you have read this guide before hand.

  • £6.49 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €7.40 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Test Pilot Neville Duke

  • Code: 8008
  • Fighting throughout the war Neville Duke won a reputation as a fearless fighter pilot. After the war, Neville Duke became famous as a test pilot with Hawkers doing much of the work on the famous Hawker Hunter.

  • £9.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €11.39 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Gun Camera WII

  • Code: 1640
  • Author - Douglas Keeney
    This is a raw picture of the air war in the European Theatre of WWII, the way the pilot's saw it.

  • £14.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €17.09 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Snakes In The Cockpit

  • Code: 1194
  • Author - L. Douglas Keeney
    This book contains images of Military Aviation Disasters, formerly classified, restricted, and never-before-published photography of incredible military flight mishaps.

  • £18.95 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €21.60 (Non-VAT Item)
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