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  • Flight Instructors Manual (Campbell)

  • Code: 9130
  • Flight Instructors Manual by R.D.Campbell - This training manual is specifically written to cover the content and sequential layout of the flight training sections in the UK PPL Syllabus.

  • £34.50 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €39.33 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Flying Instructors Patter Manual

  • Code: 9160
  • Flying Instructors Patter Manual by Peter Pillips & Bob Cole. A word for word account of all of the flying exercises as spoken in the air. "Patter" is the term given by FI's to the language they use whilst demonstrating training exercises in the air.

  • £18.00 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €20.52 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Nordian JAR Instructor's Handbook

  • Code: 2615
  • Nordian JAR Instructor's Handbook offers a detailed coverage the recent Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) have introduced new courses for instructor training which are an important part of all the new instructor training courses.

  • £44.50 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €50.73 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • You Have Control

  • Code: 9162
  • Claire Louise Hatton. 'Being a Better Flying Instructor' It is the ambition of many private pilots to become a flying instructor and it is very common component in career paths of many on their way to commercial flying.

  • £14.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €17.09 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Savvy Flight Instructor

  • Code: 7077
  • Savvy Flight Instructor teaches tips and strategies for recruiting new and return flight students, increasing students' skills and customer satisfaction for the individual flight instructor, and for flight schools and managers.

  • £20.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €23.93 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Notes Of A Seaplane Instructor

  • Code: 1128
  • An instructional guide to seaplane flying. Second edition by Burke Mees. This guide gives pilots all the information they need to add a Seaplane rating to their certificate.

  • £12.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €14.81 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • Practical Test Standards: CFI - Single-Engine

  • Code: 9987
  • ASA'a Practical Test Standards: CFI for Single-Engine guide is written by the FAA and details the skills and knowledge that must be demonstrated.

  • £4.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €5.69 (Non-VAT Item)
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  • The Flight Instructor's Manual

  • Code: 7089
  • The Flight Instructor's Manual from ASA is an excellent resource for both experienced and newly certified flight instructors about the problems students and more advanced pilots will encounter.

  • £27.99 (Non-VAT Item)
    EUR Price: €31.91 (Non-VAT Item)
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